Contemporary and adaptive methods and tools

“He whose only tool is a hammer sees a nail in every problem.”

Paul Watzlawick

Individual Projects

Every project is unique. This is why we at aflexio do not use any statistical definitions for implementing projects. We rather create your customised path to success– with special focus on your requirements and your corporate strategy. We select suitable tools and – if necessary - adapt them according to the requirements.


Thanks to their extensive expertise in this field and many years of advising in supply chain planning processes, our staff ensure the lasting success of your projects. In doing so, we use adaptive and state-of-the-art methods to analyse the individual requirements of the market and of our clients and to develop the optimal planning solutions.

Adaptive Procedures

We continually develop our aflexio tools and methods on the basis of individual project experience. This provides us with the necessary flexibility to react to trends and to an increasing market dynamism and means we can always give optimal advice to our clients.

Made-to-measure Approach

With our comprehensive project experience and an especial passion for planning processes, we develop made-to-measure planning solutions for our clients, solutions which maximise added value and quality.