The aflexio principle


The passion we feel for what we do is the basis of our values and is therefore also anchored in our motto “passion for planning”. We have all consciously become advisers for SCP processes; we are fired by the subject and cannot imagine any other field of work. We give our hearts and souls to it. All this guarantees our commitment and our loyalty at all times.




To us, honesty is more important than generating short-term business. We believe that it is only in this way that we can achieve sustainable success and also enable our clients to experience the same achievements. Together, we will successfully solve your challenges. We give you customised advice, embrace your goals and support you with high quality advice.




Planning processes can be optimised by applying complex algorithms, large volumes of data and many restrictions; but this must not take place at the cost of transparency and achievability. We know just how much complexity is really necessary in order to optimise your process. A repeatable result takes the highest priority to achieve an increase in trust in the process and thus efficient work.



Successfully different

Our focus: to define practicable processes with an optimal cost-effectiveness ratio. Our aspiration: to question processes and procedures, to recognise trends and to react to them flexibly. Our philosophy: to think “out of the box”, work in a solution-orientated way and to give to the planning process the focus which it deserves.