Our field of activity - supply chain planning

Planning – having a clear perception of the future.

Supply Chain Planning
Planning in the Organisation

To make planning effective is the most important quality of an innovative planning process. Organisations adopt the planning processes and ensure their consistent use. The planning process cannot be imposed, which is why we see Change Management as the pre-requisite for successful project implementation. It is not sufficient just to inform the stakeholders, we must convince them and fire their enthusiasm.


There is a wealth of information which can be brought into use to generate good planning results. The quantity and amount of detail of this information is constantly increasing in conjunction with technological development. The correct data and the right algorithms replace the crystal ball in the planning process and make decisions easily calculable. They must be supported by simulation and structure-effect analyses. The half-life of the result of planning is very short, the dynamics of everyday business must be reflected in the process of supply chain planning.

Innovations & Trends

Technological and scientific developments allow continuous development of the supply chain planning process. The processing of larger volumes of data, the linking of causal connections within the supply chain and the increasing frequency of processes raise planning quality. Along with this enterprises continue to develop, and in addition, continual market pressure requires the consistent exploitation of existing potentials, all this is the driving force behind the implementation of newer, integrated and innovative planning processes.