Although we are still a young enterprise, we have much experience to offer. The experience of our team forms the basis for the implementation of successful projects. Such successful projects for more than 48 clients are a reference for our competence:

In detail, our consultants provide experience and competence from:

  • > 48 years of project experience in planning projects
  • > 60 successful projects

    • > 29 in the field of process analysis
    • > 21 in the field of project management
    • > 35 in the field of system implementation (SAP ERP/SCM)
    • >   9 in the field of system evaluation
    • in 8 different industries.

Project Highlights

Four project highlights constitute a very small selection from more than 60 of our projects. You are interested in more details? Contact us, we will be pleased to personally give you further details about our references.

Replacement part planning process across four distribution stages

Automotive OEM

The conception, implementation and roll-out of an integrated replacement part planning process over four distribution stages from the supplier through to trade. The process was technically implemented on the basis of SAP SCM SPP.

Project successes:

  • Ensuring the achievability of the goal in the network
  • Value reduction of the stock
  • Reduction of logistics costs

The responsibilities of our consultants:

  • Project management
  • Sub-project management tactical planning
  • Conception of network stock management
  • Implementation of tactical planning

Distribution planning with integrated freshness management

Consumer products - Food

Process analysis and definition for the optimisation of distribution planning for a manufacturer of confectionary with regard for the freshness of his goods. Implementation within the scope of a customer-specific development on the basis of SAP SCM.

Project successes:

  • Reduction of logistics costs
  • Avoidance of costs for goods destruction
  • Reduction of administration costs

Responsibilities of our consultants:

  • Project management
  • Process consulting
  • Technical conception
  • Application consulting

Planning integration for automotive clients


Process analysis and conception with the target of portraying the requirements of automotive clients in the planning and production process of the chemical company.

Project successes:

  • Process definition and project preparation
  • Optimisation of the stock strategies (MTO/MTS)
  • Increasing inventory transparency

Responsibilities of our consultants:

  • Process consulting
  • Moderation of workshops
  • Definition of an organisational model.



Optimisation of procurement requirements


Analysis of requirements and process design for the optimisation of the procurement processes with the aim of avoiding over-stocking within the scope of client-specific production.

Project successes:

  • Multi-stage inheritance of sales requirements
  • Identification of products with inventory risks
  • Avoidance of over-stocking and scrapping

Responsibilities of our consultants:

  • Project management
  • Process consulting
  • Implementation of solutions