4-day work week the aflexio way

Why 4 days

Our success entirely depends on our team.
For many people, and especially for consultants, the weekend is too short to fully regenerate and to find a real balance to their stressful work. Consultancy is also known for regular overtime which makes it hard to please personal needs.


We increase our productivity by taking longer breaks. More working days do not automatically mean higher performance. This principle has been known in sports for a long time and is now being applied in our everyday work lives.


Nobody is the same. Therefore, everyone will be most productive at different times of the day.
We generate a higher flexibility for more individual working times through the 4-days work week.

Working Hours

A lot of work time tends to go into activities that are not particularly efficient like long and unproductive meetings.That's why we want to reduce such tasks and work in a more focused manner.


Since we are now able to fulfill our personal needs, we are even more concentrated and motivated for our daily challenges at work.


Three days off does have a positive effect on health. There is enough time to sleep in, persue our hobbies or to spend time with our families. It makes it easier to cure or even prevent diseases.


To ensure a successful cooperation it is essential to allign more closely within the team.
We can always rely on each other.
We can experience that in our projects as much as in our regular team meetings and events.

questions we asked ourselves

Will I have to do 5 days' work in just 4?

More or less. Due to the 4- day work week our daily working hours are increased from 8 to 9 hours. The missing 4 hours are compensated by an increase in productivity.

Is my private life going to be affected between monday and thursday?

Besides the 4-day work week, it is possible for us to work anytime. Which means that there is no need for you to miss any yoga classes. You get to decide when you are the most productive.

Does that mean that I get paid less?

No. Your worth for the company does not depend on whether you work on fridays or not.

How does that affect my vacation days?

At aflexio you are entitled to have six weeks of vacation.

questions our clients ask

Will the project duration be extended due to the 4-day work week?

No, because we are expecting a significant increase in efficiency that will compensate for the reduced working hours.

Is the scheduling of meetings going to be more difficult than before?

To a certain extent that's true, but it has never been completely flexible before. There are always times where our consultants are detained.

Doesn't less time equal less performance?

Nothing is going to change in the service you get from us. However, we will not schedule project dates or answer mails on fridays.

What if I still need you on friday?

Of course we will still support our clients on fridays by arrangement when it comes to GoLives or Release Upgrade without requesting any surcharges.