Our workday at aflexio

Working but different - We are gone for one week every year!  
For all the lonely days in homeoffice, we needed a compensation. Therefore we started a new tradition this year - Workation!
We will be moving our workplaces for one week every year to a beautiful location we choose. Especially for our consultants who usually work all over Germany, an event like this is a much needed change which strenghtens the team spirit and which makes the collaboration much more effective. While having dinner togehter in tuscany, we already felt like a big italian family.

Nicole Kleindienst
Junior Consultant

"I really enjoy going to the office to work. As a junior consultant, I benefit immensely from the personal and direct exchange with my colleagues. Our office is very spacious and open, so I constantly get to see who is working on what and where I can get involved to support and expand my wealth of experience. That's a huge advantage of working in the office – if you're not sitting in eight-hour remote client meetings and entertaining the whole office team. When working from home, I like to go for a spin in the sun on my racing bike to clear my head before getting back to following up on meeting minutes or other tasks in the evening. In addition to customer meetings and training sessions, implementing smaller sub-projects, such as setting up a system mockup, is also part of my daily routine, and because I enjoy creative work, I am often involved in creating sales presentations and templates.  I really like working in the office, but equally I appreciate the benefits of our anywhere-anytime concept!"

"I prefer working from the couch. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I like to work in a private environment by myself. That's where I can concentrate best.
In my role at aflexio as a process consultant and solution architect, I have to attend a lot of meetings, but I spend most of my working time designing solutions, performing analyses or coming up with planning algorithms. This work can nowadays easily be done remotely from home or from anywhere else on the go. The ability to work remotely is very important to me because I like to go surfing in my spare time and have to move my home office to the coast to do it. From time to time, however, I'm also happy to visit my customer again, because for some topics, such as a walk-through of the production, it's simply better to be on site."

Anna Fricke
Solution Architect
Robert Siwek
Senior Consultant Process Optimization

"In my role as a senior consultant for process optimization, I work very differently. Personally I prefer to interact on site with my customers and colleagues. This gives me the opportunity to jointly analyze issues or define processes in workshops. Through direct contact and communication, I can get to the bottom of things immediately, apply spontaneous approaches and prepare implementation directly with my clients.  I also like to meet with my colleagues in our office. There I can directly exchange information and there is plenty of room for creativity. And this is very important for our team spirit. The rest of the time I usually work remotely, as there are enough other things that don't require my presence. For this, I like to use our anywhere-anytime concept to move my workplace to places where I can pursue my hobbies."  

"My workday always looks a little different. In my role as Senior Consultant for Integrated Business Planning, I have different roles on the projects. From technical implementation to workshop facilitation, it can be almost anything. As an experienced consultant, I get to assist with sales activities when it comes to technical topics such as demos or use cases, but also with less exciting topics such as effort estimates and project workflows. I frequently alternate between home office and office. The homeoffice allows me to work in a concentrated manner, which is necessary for complex implementations. Here I can work flexibly depending on the day's moodor if it is just better and more focused in the evening, I can even sometimes work late nights when I am able to work on "sexy topics". However, I prefer to work in a team and develop concepts, both technical and procedural. Scribbling around on the whiteboard and working with colleagues and customers, developing new ideas together and maybe even discarding them sometimes, is -for me - the most inspiring aspect of my work."

Diana Huying
Senior Consultant
Julian Vosseler
Sales Manager

"I like working from the office and not just because our office is really nice, but because I like the atmosphere and the people around me. But if I don't really feel fit, I like to stay at home and work from there. In addition, I can attend important private appointments and also put in a few hours in the evening. This freedom and flexibility is enormously important to me. With this in mind, I can make and keep appointments at any time without my work beeing affected."

"My workday usually starts with a small breakfast in our Karlsruhe office. That gives me the energy I need for the first half of the day. Most of the time, I'm not alone. So I spend the morning with a short private exchange parallel to the first coffee before the meetings start or with a few little things to structure the day. Afterwards I go to my workplace and here I almost always start directly into the first appointments with customers and colleagues. My workday is actually almost always made up of 4 blocks: Customer project work, sales activities, administration and controlling our projects. So I switch back and forth between my office, meeting rooms in presence, remote and hybrid appointments. In our open office concept, I can combine this in a great way. Here, in addition to the flexibility of remote work, I feel the value of real face-to-face interactions, which is fun and makes the workdays extremely varied and entertaining!"

Martin Pesch