1. Is it possible to send an unsolicited application?
Yes, of course – we will see if we have a suitable offering for you. While getting to know you, we will find out which possibilities there are on short, middle and long term.

2. I found a job that suits me - is it still vacant?
Our job openings are set up generalistic and we are keen on building a good network long term. Therefore some positions have to be filled soon. Nevertheless we are interested in contacting you in the future. So the answer is: "It all depends on..."

3. Which application documents do you need?
If you should already have everything (CV, cover letter and certificates) just send them to us.
Your CV isn't up to date or something else is missing - don't worry. You can simply contact us with your profile via Xing or LinkedIn. The missing documents can be handed in later.

4. What's next after handing in all of my documents?
Björn Paredes is going to have a glimpse at your documents and will get in touch with you. Within the next steps we will involve other colleagues in relation of the main focus, like Jana Koske or Martin Pesch. The dialog while getting to know you is important to us, to get an authentic feeling on both sides. 

5. What kind of benefits does aflexio offer?
We will speak about the benefits and the payment personally while getting to know each other. It also depends on your experience and the position. You can get a first impression about our offer right here.

6. What does my daily routine look like?
Feel free to ask as many questions as you want to while getting to know our collegues.

7. Besides your website, how can i get an impression of your company?
Just check out the reviews on Kununu – Workplace insights that matter:
For a glimpse behind the scenes: https://instagram.com/aflexio/

8. I have more question…
Contact us via info@aflexio.com or Linkedin / Xing. We will get back to you. You can also leave your phone number and we will give you a call.