Can I apply to you on my own initiative? ‍

Yes, of course — we will then look at what opportunities are available to you individually. As we get to know each other, we will notice whether and which options there may be in the short, medium or long term.

I've found a job with you — is it still vacant?

‍Our job advertisements are generalistic and we strive to build up a good network in the long term. Certain positions must therefore be filled promptly. However, we are also interested in getting in touch with you in the future. Hence the popular answer: “It depends.”

What application documents do you expect?

If you have everything you need, from a cover letter to your curriculum vitae to your certificates, feel free to send us everything. If your resume is currently not completely up to date, the certificates are not scanned or available — we also like it pragmatic, which is why establishing contact, possibly with a Xing or LinkedIn profile, is enough for us as a first step. You can submit missing documents later.

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