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In addition to our professional experience, in which we have successfully managed many projects together, we have two things in particular: humanity and motivation for more. None of us want to go to work and serve our hours. We all want to spend our working time in a motivating environment that is fun. This is how we all achieve our best form and achieve success with and for our customers. That is also the reason why some of our colleagues have been working for us for almost a decade. We combine fun and passion, which our customers also appreciate about us. That successfully makes us different.

That's who we are

Anna Fricke

Björn Paredes

Costina Musat

Diana Huying

Dr. Mario Rothenburg

Dr. Xin Wang

Eva Kintrup

Hannes Till

Işıl Yaşayanlar

Jana Koske

Kai Kobek

Lena Stolle

Malte Wendel

Marius Brand

Martin Pesch

Melina Bergen

Milena Rieder

Miriam Dillitzer

Nadine Darraj

Philip Schmidberger

Philipp Gembe

Robert Siwek

Ronja Schäfer

Thilo Richter

Vlad Marian

Yannic Jäger

Yen Vy Le

Yevgeniy Ploshnik

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