The 4-day week AFLEXIO principle

The 4-day week AFLEXIO principle

Why 4 days

Our success is defined exclusively by our team.
The weekend is too short for many people, especially in the consulting industry, to find a real balance to their often stressful work. Our industry in particular is known for regular overtime, which leaves even less time for personal needs.

For these reasons, we decided to do so.

Higher productivity

We increase our productivity through longer periods of rest. Because more working days do not necessarily mean more performance. This principle has been known in sports for a long time and is now also being used in our everyday work.

Independent work

Everyone works differently and is most productive at different times. The 4-day week gives us greater flexibility for individually designing the working week.

Optimized working hours

A lot of working time is often spent on activities that are not very efficient, such as long and unproductive meetings. We therefore want to use time more efficiently by reducing non-value-adding activities and working more focused.

Increased motivation

By giving us more space for personal needs, we don't have to miss out on anything besides work. This reduces stress and makes it more fun for us.

Work-life balance

The three recovery days have a positive effect on health. With a 4-day week, we have more time to sleep in, pursue our hobbies or spend time with family. Diseases are easier to cure or even prevent.

Focus on teamwork

Less time for appointments requires closer coordination within the team to ensure successful collaboration. We can rely on each other. We feel this in the project and at our regular team meetings and events.

Questions we asked ourselves

Do I now have to do 5's work in 4 days?

Yes, the 4-day week increases our standard working time from 8 to 9 hours a day. We compensate for the resulting 4 hours by working more efficiently and increasing productivity.

Is my private life restricted by Mon-Do?

In addition to the 4-day week, aflexio also applies “Work Anytime”. This means that you don't have to skip a yoga class or guitar lesson. You set your working hours flexibly.

Does reduced working hours also mean reduced salary?

No The value you have for the company is not changed by the fact that you have Fridays off.

What about vacation days?

With us, you are entitled to six weeks of vacation regardless of the 4-day week.

Common questions from our customers

Does the 4-day week extend the duration of the project?

No, because we expect a significant increase in efficiency as a result of the 4-day week, which will compensate for the reduced working time.

Are we not losing flexibility when making appointments as a result of your 4-day week?

This is partly true, but it was not fully flexible in advance. There are always times when our consultants are scheduled for other activities.

Doesn't less time also mean less performance?

There will be no change in the performance that you know and expect from us. However, we will no longer schedule project appointments on Friday and will generally only answer your emails on Monday.

As a customer, what do I do if I have problems on a Friday?

Of course, we still support our customers on important topics such as: GoLives, release upgrades on Fridays, without charging any surcharges.

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