Our working day at aflexio

Our working day at aflexio

Work in a different way - once a year we go away for a week!

As compensation for the sometimes somewhat lonely home office days, we have created a tradition and move our shared workplace to a beautiful location of our choice for a week every year. Especially for our consultants, who are normally spread across Germany, the workout is a welcome change that strengthens team spirit and makes collaboration even more effective. And when we had dinner together, we quickly had the feeling of being in an extended Italian family.

Anne Fricke

Solution Architect

“I love working from the couch. It's not for everyone, but I enjoy working alone in a private environment. That's the best place for me to concentrate. In my role at aflexio as a process consultant and solution architect, I have to attend many meetings, but I spend the majority of my working time designing solutions, carrying out analyses or thinking up planning algorithms. This work is now easy to do remotely from home or from anywhere else on the go.
The ability to work remotely is very important to me, as I enjoy surfing in my free time and therefore have to move my home office to the coast.
But from time to time, I'm also happy to visit my customer again, because for some topics, such as an inspection of production, it's simply better to be there.”

Robert Siwek

Senior process consultant

“In my role as a senior consultant for process optimization, I work very differently. I prefer to interact personally with my customers and colleagues in order to analyse and define processes together in workshops. Through direct contact and communication, I can immediately get to the bottom of things, apply spontaneous approaches and prepare for implementation directly with my customers.
I also like to meet my colleagues in our office, where there is a direct exchange of knowledge and there is plenty of space for creativity. That is very important to me for our team spirit.
I usually spend the rest of the time in remote format, as there are plenty of other things that don't require a presence. I like to use our anywhere-anytime concept to move my workplace to places where I can pursue my hobbies.”

Diana Huying

Senior Consultant

“My working day always looks a bit different. In my role as Senior Consultant for Integrated Business Planning, I have various roles on projects. From technical implementation to workshop leadership, almost anything can be included. As an experienced consultant, I can assist with sales activities when it comes to technical topics, such as demos or use cases, but also with less exciting topics such as cost estimates and project processes. I often switch between home office and office. The home office allows me to concentrate on the work that is required for complex implementations. Here I can work flexibly depending on the form of the day or when things are better and more focused in the evening and work on “sexy topics.” But I prefer to work in a team and develop concepts, both technical and procedural. For me, scribbling around on a whiteboard and working with colleagues and customers, developing new ideas together and perhaps even discarding them, is the inspiring aspect of my work.”

Martin Pesch


“My working day usually starts with a small breakfast in our Karlsruhe office. It gives me energy for the first half of the day. I'm usually not alone in this. So I spend the morning having a short private conversation parallel to my first coffee before the meetings start or with a few small things to structure the day. I then head to my workplace, where I almost always start my first appointments with customers and colleagues. My daily work almost always consists of 4 blocks: customer project work, sales activities, administration and management of our projects. This is how I switch back and forth between my office, meeting rooms for face-to-face, remote and hybrid appointments. In our open office concept, I can combine these in a great way within short distances. Here, in addition to the flexibility of remote work, I feel the value of real encounters, which makes working days extremely varied and entertaining!”

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